Cleanliness is of paramount importance in a hospital. The fact that hospitals are susceptible to the spread of infections much more than any other setup makes an active and efficient Housekeeping Department essential for the Hospital. For this reason, cleanliness plays a major role in showcasing the quality of a hospital. 

Hospital housekeepers maintain an infection-free environment throughout the hospital., they clean patient rooms, surgical units, administrative offices, and restroom several times a day to keep infection and disease at bay.

Another essential task of a hospital housekeeper is to empty trash receptacles, a duty in which they need to be extra careful. Surgical waste is the cause of many diseases which is why hospital housekeepers are trained in segregating waste, and removing it with care and responsibility.

Housekeeping Department at Northwest General Hospital has the following basic responsibilities:

  1.         Clean hospital floors and surfaces using predefined cleaning methods, agents and procedures
  2.         Mix appropriate quantities of cleaning liquids and chemicals in accordance with state safety regulations
  3.         Dust, mop and sweep patients’ room, nurses and surgical units and administrative offices
  4.         Clean and disinfect patient’s bathrooms and public restrooms
  5.         Clean mirrors and windows along with polishing fittings and fixtures
  6.         Empty trash receptacles and ensure proper segregation and compaction of waste according to hospital policies
  7.         Create and maintain an inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment
  8.         Inform housekeeping supervisor of any cleaning equipment that may need repair or replacement
  9.         Inform housekeeping supervisor about any safety and cleanliness hazard, and assist in addressing it
  10.         Ensure the provision of room services to every patient room.