Northwest General Hospital

Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre is a 500+ Bed, State-of-the-Art Tertiary Care Hospital, Teaching Institute and a Research Centre, catering to the healthcare needs of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Region and rest of Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. Equipped with the latest and best of the medical equipment, and some of the most experienced and highly trained consultants and medical staff of the country, Northwest General Hospital (NWGH) has carved a name for itself in the field of Healthcare.

Envisioned as a provider of Quality Healthcare with empathy and compassion, utilizing the latest technologies, and minimally invasive practices, NWGH was started under the auspices of Alliance Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd. Registered with SECP as a Private Limited Company, AHL was established by a group of like-minded healthcare professionals who were colleagues and friends, and had the same goal in mind – to cater to the ever-growing healthcare needs of the region. Northwest General Hospital was the first project of AHL, which has since established a Medical College, a Teaching Hospital, an Allied Health Sciences Institute and a University of Health Sciences.

Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre currently caters to an average of over 1000 patients per day in the Outpatient section, and offers specialised services such as the Linear Accelerator in Nuclear Medicine, POA Bone Bank in Orthopaedics, Neonatal Transport Service in Paediatrics, and a dedicated COVID-19 ward, which are not easily available anywhere in the region.

Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre is recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan for House-Job training as well as Post Graduate Training. Most Consultants at NWGH are faculty members at Northwest School of Medicine, thus imparting their knowledge and expertise to the future generation of the region as well as the patients.


Our vision is firmly set to future advancements in science and healthcare as we want to be the leaders who set standards, not follow them. The Northwest General Hospital envisions becoming an industry leader in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that attracts global talent and clientele. Unmatched patient care, innovative practices, leaders in research and technology, is our healthcare ethos.


The Northwest General Hospital is driven by its mission to provide top-tier healthcare to residents of Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our philosophy behind providing quality healthcare is quite simple. Compassionate care meets state of the art healthcare services. Excellent service delivery with a commitment to accessibility and cutting-edge research. To ensure the best healthcare, we invest in talent comprehensive training and multidimensional clinical research and scientific advancements.

CEO Message

We at NWGH strive for excellence, because when you have people’s lives in your hands, only the best is acceptable. We take immense pride in what we offer and make every endeavour to make sure that we provide the best possible care to the patients and provide a safe environment for patients and healthcare professionals at the hospital.

Our healthcare practitioners at every level are driven to keep up to date with latest advancements in healthcare so that patients get the most up-to-date care.

From diagnosis to rehabilitation, NWGH has you covered!

-Dr. Zia Ur Rehman