Hospital Porter

Hospital Porter

A Hospital Porter’s role is made up of many varying responsibilities including:

  1. Transferring patients between the different departments/ areas of the hospital
  2. Ensuring the safe movement of biomedical equipment and Oxygen cylinders.
  3. Safe transportation of pharmaceutical goods to all units and wards.

It is important to remember that in addition to these duties, a Hospital Porter is often a source of companionship to a worried or stressed patient. They are good listeners who can offer sympathy and empathy. They are a reliable, dependable member of the healthcare team fulfilling important and much-needed duties throughout the hospital. Our porters are friendly, helpful, and reliable people for patients as well as staff of the hospital. 

Our Hospital Porters have General skills like :

  1. Ability to work quickly and calmly in emergencies
  2. Good interpersonal skills with the ability to listen and empathise
  3. Patience and tolerance
  4. Caring and sympathetic nature
  5. Physical fitness
  6. Ability to maintain confidentiality
  7. Emotional resilience
  8. Flexible approach to work
  9. Ability to follow instructions and work to tight time constraints 
  1. Corporate Panel officers will attend to the patient and provide information regarding insurance company’s terms and policies, and facilitate them accordingly.
  2. Corporate Panel officers will provide OPD service to the patient according to the policy of the client’s insurance company.
  3. In case of any special investigations during OPD service, corporate panel officer will intimate the patient’s case to the respective insurance company, and will solicit an approval for the special investigation on credit base. After receiving the approval, necessary action is taken to facilitate the patient.
  4. Corporate panel officer will keep a record of invoices along with evidence documents, and forward them to the corporate billing office.
  5. Corporate Panel officer will correspond with all of the enrolled insurance companies through email or telephonically.
  6. In case of patient admission, corporate panel officer will intimate the admission case to their respective insurance company and wait for the approval. In case of critical patient admission, verbal approval will be sought or the patient will pay in advance to cover the initial admission charges. After receiving the approval from the relevant insurance company, the corporate panel officer will bill the insurance company, and the advance payment will be refunded at the time of patient discharge.
  7.  Corporate Panel officer will ensure if the approval limit is exceeded, and send an enhancement request to the respective insurance company.