Surgical ICU

Surgical ICU at Northwest General Hospital is an Eight bedded unit, attached to a Four bedded step-down High Dependency unit. This unit is one of the most well-equipped units of the country providing cover to all high risk surgical procedures including Cardiac surgery & Renal Transplant, and providing all the services from ventilation to invasive monitoring, mechanical heart support & all other services considered essential for a modern ICU. The ICU has cover of  all the specialities including but not limited to 24/7 Cardiology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Infection control, Nutrition, Physiotherapy  Biomedical engineer & Blood bank.

In terms of human resources, the ICU is looked after by two full time Consultants, one Senior Registrar & Seven Registrars, Forty Registered Nurses & other support staff, proudly providing One-to-One care to the patients, along with one Infection control nurse and one Quality control nurse on floor 24/7 for ensuring the appropriate quality of care. Unit care & monitoring are all digital & electronic, accessible from home & with state-of-the art Point of Care test facilities. The department is aiming for a high quality post-graduate training program, which is due to be started soon.