Surgical Specialities

Surgery is one form of medical treatment that is provided by creating an opening in the body. This opening was traditionally made through a large incision however, advances in Surgical Procedures have minimized the size of the opening and certain surgical procedures can be done by inserting a camera and instruments through small incisions (Laparoscopic Surgery)

Northwest General Hospital provides a vast array of Surgeries of different specialties. All our surgeons are Specialists of their respective fields and have years of experience in their departments, mostly in the UK and Ireland, as well as in Pakistan. NWGH has six Operating Theatres with fully qualified and experienced surgical technicians. An 8-bed surgical ICU ensures that any patients requiring intensive care after their surgeries are looked after properly. A state of the art Central Sterilization and Supply Department (CSSD) is run by the Surgery Department for making sure the surgical equipment used is sterilized and available on time for each surgery.

To learn more about how our Surgeons can help you or someone you know, kindly contact the relevant Specialists through our exchange on 091-5838800.

Surgical & Allied Departments

Cardiac Surgery
General Surgery
Laparoscopic / Bariatric Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Plastic Surgery