Emergency Services

Patients, who come to the Emergency Department at North West General Hospital & Research Center are triaged and evaluated to determine the severity of their current condition and symptoms. Patients are then moved to the relevant section of the Hospital once they are stabilized, or sent home with a treatment plan if required. The Emergency Services department is a very high activity area of the hospital and headed by an experienced consultant who has fully trained staff available at all times. In an emergency, the attending doctor determines if a patient’s current health condition requires immediate intervention, hospital admission or if the patient can be discharged from emergency care with applicable recommendations to seek additional diagnostic or physician evaluation in the outpatient setting. This is done in consultation with the relevant consultant for the type of emergency.

The Emergency Department has protocols in place to meet large-scale emergencies in case of a disaster. In normal routine, patients in the emergency department are managed efficiently in their evaluation and treatment so that the majority can be discharged or admitted within 4 hours. The hospital has all specialists available on-call on 24/7 basis if required in an emergency.