World Food Day 2022

World Food Day is observed in 150 nations around the globe on the 16th of October each year to raise awareness about those unfortunate communities and individuals who do not have proper access to safe and nutritious food. The day also highlights the importance of maintaining a nutritious yet balanced diet. The day further focuses on the advancement of food security worldwide, especially during times of crisis.
Northwest General Hospital while observing the day, arranged a World Food Day Awareness walk. This was followed by a seminar arranged in collaboration with Nestle Pakistan and Nutritech. The session included an interactive presentation and was headed by Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah, Director Technical KP Food Safety and Hilal Food Authority and Dr. Fazal Majeed, Director Nutrition DGHS, Department of Health, KP. The speakers focused on the importance of the conservation and equal distribution of food across communities to ensure that no one is left behind hungry or malnourished.