Workshop on Communicate to Collaborate

As part of the continuation of our academic training and capacity building, MPED at NWGH & RC organized a one-day workshop named “Communicate to Collaborate” on the 28th of November 2023. The workshop’s goal was to enhance the communication skills of young doctors and promote effective collaboration in a healthcare setting.

Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Owais, a Certified Professional Trainer by International Association for People & Performance Development Global UK, led each subject, step-by-step through the procedure.
The objectives of this workshop were to:
1. Learn the right Communication mindset.
2. Understand the Communication style Matrix.
3. Learn & recognise Body language essentials.
4. Practice active listening & the art of giving feedback.
The Postgraduate Trainees attended this workshop. Participants’ feedback indicated that the workshop helped improve their communication skills and made them stand out in their profession.