University of Haripur’s Study Visit to NWGH for BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics Students

University of Haripur organised a study visit for BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics four-semester students on the 21st of November, 2023 to NWGH. Supervised by Dr. Ijaz, Assistant Professor, the students received presentations and practical demonstrations from the nutrition department, NWGH led by Ms. Saba Tanveer and Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed, Clinical Nutritionists, NWGH. The focus was on understanding nutritional support for hospitalised patients, including enteral and parenteral nutrition. The visit included a briefing on parenteral nutrition compounding methods and exposure to enteral feeding protocols. Students also visited the cafeteria to grasp how nutritionists prescribe trays based on diseases and promote balanced diets for community nutritional awareness. The practical exposure aimed to enhance their understanding of nutritional practices in a hospital setting.