Two-day training session was held at Northwest General Hospital

On the 29th and 30th of December 2021, the Anaesthesia and Surgical Critical Care Department at the Northwest General Hospital conducted a two-day training in collaboration with Primary Trauma Care (PTC) in the continuum of the legacy of Prof. Dr. Saeed Minhas (Associate Professor of Trauma and Orthopedics Surgery). The training aims to enable the participants to adapt to the two-look approach with primary and secondary surveys to diagnose and mitigate life-threatening traumas and injuries. The PTC training at NWGH was delivered in the form of lectures, workshops, exercises and case scenarios spread over two days.

The training was led by a team of competent and renowned doctors. Dr. Zia ur Rehman (CEO, NWGH) was the Course Director of the training, Dr. Muhammad Hayat (Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Surgical Critical Care, NWGH) was the Course Coordinator and Dr. Shireen A. A Ramzanali Damani (National Representative PTC, UK) was kind enough to virtually lead her part of the training. The course faculty included Dr. Hussain Wahab, Dr. Aisha Mufti, Dr. Noor Sardar, Dr. Tariq Barki, Dr. Hamid Fazeel, Dr. Amjad Ali Shah and Dr. Muhammad Yousaf.
The PTC training has proven to be an effective educational tool for all healthcare providers across the globe. Similarly, the participants of the two-day sessions at NWGH believe that the training has significantly enhanced their trauma care knowledge and skills.