Traffic safety measures and precautions event held by Northwest General Hospital

An event was organised about traffic safety measures and precautions by Northwest General Hospital in collaboration with City Traffic Police to raise awareness about the significance of traffic rules and regulations. Mr. Abbas Majeed Marwat, Chief Traffic Officer, started the event with a brief speech about the essence of the awareness campaign held at the NWGH’s auditorium leading to an interactive Q&A session with him. Dr. Zia Ur Rehman, CEO NWGH commended the City Traffic Police for their significant input and hard work towards the cause and emphasised the idea of becoming responsible citizens of the city to minimize road accidents. An exchange of shields took place between the officials of Northwest General Hospital and the City Traffic Police, Dr. Zia Ur Reham, Mr. Abbas Majeed, and Mr. Asif Raza.
The event then led to a training session and the issuance of driving licenses by conducting driving tests on the spot. Around 50 people got their driving licenses and existing driving licenses renewed. Students from different institutes volunteered to be a part of the task force to advocate for the rules and regulations of Traffic Police and become law-abiding citizens. Mr. Junaid, pursuing a BS in Anesthesia from Northwest Institute of Health Sciences, and Ms. Horia, pursuing MBBS from Northwest School of Medicine, volunteered to be a part of this task force.