The Role of Sulfonylureas in Modern Diabetes Management

Symposium on “The Role of Sulfonylureas in Modern Diabetes Management” “- May 2nd, 2024

The Department of Endocrinology, in collaboration with the Medical Professional Education Department (MPED) at North West General Hospital & Research Centre (NWGH&RC), organized an insightful symposium on The Role of Sulfonylureas in Modern Diabetes Management: A Symposium by Dr. Arshad Hussain and Dr. Nizam Ud Din

With the prevalence of diabetes at 22.6% in Pakistan, understanding the impact of various treatment options on cardiovascular outcomes is critical. This symposium, led by Dr. Arshad Hussain and assisted by Dr. Nizam Ud Din (Training Registrar, Endocrinology), focused on the role of sulfonylureas in current diabetes guidelines, particularly in the context of a developing country like Pakistan.

The talk highlighted evidence from key studies on sulfonylureas, including comparing the effects of Glimepiride and Linagliptin on major adverse cardiovascular outcomes in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Insights from the CAROLINA Randomized Clinical Trial, a significant study in diabetes management, were discussed to illustrate these effects.

This symposium provided a valuable platform for postgraduate trainees and house officers to delve into the nuances of these medications. Participants were encouraged to engage in discussions, exchange perspectives, and ask questions, fostering a collaborative learning environment. This interaction enabled attendees to gain practical insights that could enhance their clinical practice and patient care strategies.