Spinal Neurorehabilitation Workshop

The Spinal Neurorehabilitation Workshop held on February 25th at Northwest was a collaborative effort supported by the Gisela Hagemann Foundation. Renowned speakers, including Maximillian Mehdorn, Shehzad Shamim, Sabahat Asim Wasti, Florian Roser, Ellen Merete Hagen and Humberto A. Cerrel Bazo, addressed a diverse audience comprising physical therapists, physicians, neurosurgeons, and rehabilitation personnel. Syed Muhammad Ilyas provided insights into community health. The event featured a comprehensive exploration of neurorehabilitation strategies. Attendees gained valuable knowledge from the speakers’ expertise, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration in the field. This workshop exemplified a significant step towards advancing spinal neurorehabilitation practices, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and contributing to the ongoing development of neurological care.