Road Safety Awareness Seminar at NWGH

The National Highway and Motorway Police organised a Road Safety awareness seminar at AHL Auditorium, NWGH on the 24th of June, 2024. Attended by students, faculty, and doctors, the event was moderated by Inspector Adnan Shehzad, who emphasised preventive measures and adherence to traffic rules. Annually, 1.35 million global road fatalities include 27,000 from Pakistan, highlighting the need for action.

The seminar covered understanding signboards, using footpaths, zebra crossings, and under bridges, and practicing safe driving—like helmet use, avoiding stunts, and not using phones while driving. The importance of seatbelts was also stressed.

Dr. Zia Ur Rehman, CEO of NWGH, praised the motorway police’s role in traffic management. The event ended with an exchange of appreciation shields between officials.