Orientation session on Up-to-date for Postgraduate Trainees and House Officers

An orientation session on UpToDate for Postgraduate Trainees and House Officers was organised by the Deanery Northwest General Hospital & Research Center. Based on the study of 100 individuals, patients receive better care when clinicians use UpToDate. The findings are deep and varied, showing improvements on many core quality measures across conditions, from shorter hospital stays to reduced unnecessary tests. In addition, this digital platform allows medical professionals and students to explore solutions to problems they face in theory and practice.
The Deanery NWGH aims to provide healthcare professionals with all the right cognitive tools and clinical aids to improve the quality of patient safety and care at Northwest General Hospital. This is the core reason we are the first medical institute in Peshawar to purchase institutional access to UpToDate and enable this technological system, with free access for all trainees and consultants.