NWGH’s Exceptional Expertise in Managing Complex Post-operative Complications for Mohammad Salam

Northwest General Hospital (NWGH) has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and expertise in the exceptional care provided to Mohammad Salam, a patient with complex post-operative complications. Originally operated elsewhere for a brain tumour, Salam faced challenges including wound dehiscence, infection, ventriculitis, VP shunt malfunction, and hyponatremia. Dissatisfied with the previous hospital’s care, Salam’s family turned to NWGH, where Dr Adnan Khan, Consultant Neurosurgeon, along with Dr Muhammad Hayat, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist, Dr Aisha Mufti, Consultant Intensivist and Dr Arshad Hussain, Consultant Endocrinologist, NWGH contributed to the almost miraculous recovery of Mr. Salam, a testament to efficient and proactive decision making and follow through by the treating team. Multiple surgeries were performed to address the complications, leading to a challenging yet successful recovery.

Salam’s family’s unwavering support, coupled with the relentless efforts of the nursing staff and physicians, played a crucial role. NWGH’s exceptional services have not only revived Salam from a coma but also enabled him to communicate and regain functionality. NWGH’s outstanding collaboration and expertise vividly showcase exceptional healthcare, garnering appreciation from Salam’s family.