NWGH and Partners Promote Hand Hygiene at HBK Arena for Hand Hygiene Day

Today marked a significant step in our ongoing commitment to promoting proper hand hygiene practices! NWGH, in collaboration with HBK Hypermarket and Outlandish Pakistan, set up a dedicated handwashing stall at HBK Arena, Peshawar, in observance of Hand Hygiene Day.

Our dedicated team of facilitators – Mr. Khizar Hayat, Mr. M. Haider Khan, Ms. Mahrosh Ali, Ms. Manahil Tariq, Mr. Kashif Mehmood, Mr. Arif, Mr. M. Riaz, Mr. Ismail, Mr. M. Zubair Ali, Mr. Majid Khan, and Ms. Ghanwa Arshad- worked tirelessly throughout the day to provide step-by-step demonstrations of the correct handwashing technique. With their guidance and education, attendees of all ages were empowered to take charge of their health by adopting proper hand hygiene practices.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us in this initiative, as well as to HBK Hypermarket and Outlandish for their invaluable support. Together, let’s continue to champion clean hands and a healthier future for all!