Northwest General Hospital Receives Category A License for Meeting Healthcare Commission Standards

The Healthcare Commission inspectors recently visited Northwest General Hospital (NWGH) to evaluate its compliance with the Minimum Services Delivery Standards (MSDS) set by the commission. The objective of the visit was to assess NWGH and inspect the services provided to ensure they align with the standards outlined by the Healthcare Commission.
Following a thorough evaluation, it was determined that Northwest General Hospital’s services met the requirements of the MSDS standards. As a result, NWGH has been granted a Category A license, which will be valid for a period of three years. This signifies that the hospital has demonstrated a commitment to maintaining high-quality healthcare services and meeting the stringent standards established by the Health Care Commission.
The Health Care Commission has been working diligently over the past year to improve the overall quality of healthcare and address concerns related to unqualified doctors. By implementing standardised protocols and conducting inspections, the commission aims to ensure that healthcare providers meet the necessary standards and deliver exceptional services to the public.
Overall, NWGH’s successful acquisition of a Category A license reflects the positive strides being made in the healthcare sector under the Health Care Commission’s oversight.