Fostering Afghan Medical Excellence

The Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre has long provided postgraduate training to Afghan medical professionals. 25 Afghan doctors received training at the Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre prior to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with 22 receiving FCPS certifications and 3 receiving MCPS certifications. In addition, nine Afghan women—eight FCPS and one MCPS—received training in a variety of fields to advance the country’s potential for women in healthcare and education.
Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre has allotted training slots for 8 FCPS and 2 MCPS in various disciplines in accordance with the MOU that was signed between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Pakistani government, and CPSP to train and support Afghan doctors in postgraduate studies (FCPS/MCPS) at various Pakistani hospitals and institutes.
On October 2, 2023, the Regional Directors of CPSP in Peshawar and Abbottabad, Prof. Drs. Waqar Alam Jan and Dr. Jehangir, as well as the Senior Vice President of CPSP, Prof. Dr. Shoaib Shafi, paid a visit to the Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre. Prof. Dr. Arshad Husain, associate dean of Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre, extended a cordial welcome to the guests and gave a thorough overview of the hospital’s educational and medical initiatives.
They applauded the Medical Professional Education Department’s (MPED) efforts to support postgraduate medical education for Afghan professionals at Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre. They evaluated Northwest General Hospital’s weekly Continuing Medical Education (CME) classes (both hospital-based and ward-based) and Self-Directed Learning (SDL) hours as instructional activities for postgraduate medical studies.
Interacting with the recently hired Afghan postgraduate trainees, Prof. Dr. Shoaib Shafi addressed any difficulties they brought up and took prompt steps to fix them. Later, he had tea with the trainees, conversed with them, and posed for a picture with them.
Prof. Dr. Shoaib Shafi also acknowledged the Structured Visual Curriculum Display (SVCD) produced by CPSP for various specialties at the NWGH&RC postgraduate centre. Additionally, he stated that he planned to register additional Afghan postgraduate students in a variety of specialties.
The CPSP delegation was personally thanked by AHL Chairman Prof. Dr. Tariq Khan Hashim for visiting Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre. He briefly described the hospital’s introduction of Afghan trainees and reaffirmed the hospital’s commitment to knowledge exchange across international boundaries. Later, he gave each participant a memento from the visit to Northwest General Hospital.