Dr. Lailma Maqbool Tops Exam

Dr. Lailma Maqbool is a lecturer, clinical instructor as well as a research sponsor. Dr. Lailma Maqbool has completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Northwest College of Physical Therapy in September 2020. She was selected for an internship shortly after on the basis of merit and good behavior and was hired as faculty member in November, 2020. She was a brilliant student and had command over the subject as well as had clinical skills. We believe in the excellence and training of our students and NWIHS has produced gems in the academic field. Dr. Lailma is one of those students. Dr. Lailma along with teaching in the institute, is also enrolled in Riphah International University for MS where she has topped her first semester exam with an astonishing 4.0 GPA in the academic history of Riphah International University. It is a great achievement for Ms. Lailma as well as  for NWIHS.