Department of Nephrology

Northwest General Hospital has a fully equipped Nephrology Department which has been providing services to patients with Kidney Diseases since the Hospital’s inception in 2009. The Consultants in the Nephrology Department specialise in treating Chronic Kidney diseases and nephrology-related issues such as Haematuria / CRS / HRS / Nephritic syndromes, Glomerulonephritides, Acute Kidney Injuries, Renal impairment in Obstetric Complications, as well as all sorts of medical issues in CKD or Dialysis patients.

Dialysis: Northwest General Hospital has a 16-Bed Dialysis section with provision for both Haemo-Dialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis. There are separate Dialysis machines for patients with infectious diseases. The Dialysis section is manned by fully qualified Dialysis Technicians and is overseen by a Registrar under the supervision of a Consultant. The section caters to all sorts of kidney impairment related to auto-immune disorders.

Renal Transplant: Northwest General Hospital is a Pioneer in Kidney Transplants amongst the private healthcare setups of the regions. The department has the mandatory infrastructure and expertise to carry out Kidney transplants and has excellent post-transplant care with regular follow-ups. Northwest General Hospital is recognised by Human Organ Transplant Authority (HOTA) of Pakistan for Renal Transplants, with the Hospital’s Transplant protocols meeting, and even exceeding the HOTA requirements.

A fully equipped surgical endoscopy suite ensures effective management in any emergency. Armed with qualified nursing and paramedical staff, the Department of Surgery caters 24/7 for emergency patients from whole region, and across the border to Afghanistan as well.

The department is manned by a fully qualified and experienced team of Surgeons, Post Graduate Trainees, Medical Officers, Technicians and nursing staff, who undertake complex surgical procedures ranging across a wide spectrum of surgical fields, like breast and endocrine, colorectal, pediatric, urological, plastic and reconstructive procedures, man the department. There is also a strong laparoscopic surgical team at hand, carrying out general surgical and urological procedures.

The Anesthesia Department offers wide range of services including but not limited to Preoperative Anesthesia Care, Acute Post –Operative Pain Management, Well-equipped Surgical Intensive Care, Labour Epidural Analgesia, Sedation and Anesthesia care outside operating theater as well, such as in the Cath Lab , Radiology etc.

The department has an Anesthesia Clinic to disucss the required services with patients undergoing Anesthesia, for full satisfaction of the patients.

NWGH Anesthesia Department is a teaching department acknowledges by College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) for Post-Graduate Training and Fellowship in Anesthesia since 2012, and the Department offers structured training of FCPS and MCPS in Anesthesia. So far more than 30 trainees have completed their training at Northwest General Hospital’s Anesthesia Department.

The following procedures are carried out at the Nephrology Department at NWGH:

  • Double lumens for temporary dialysis
  • Permanent dialysis catheter
  • Renal biopsy under ultrasound
  • Removal of permanent dialysis catheter

Panel of Doctors - Nephrology