Department of Dermatology

Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre has a strong Dermatology Department which caters to almost all Dermatology-related diseases and procedures. The department looks after patients with dermatology diseases as well as allergy and sexually transmitted diseases. The department also offers laser procedures by a qualified and fully trained doctor with experience and training from the USA and the United Kingdom.

Almost all skin, hair, nail, allergy, and sexually transmitted diseases are treated at the Department, and cosmetic procedures such as Chemo, Cryo, and Diathermy surgery along with skin surgeries are practiced at the Department. The department also performs diagnostic biopsies and a facility for patch testing is available at the Department as well.

The Anesthesia Department offers wide range of services including but not limited to Preoperative Anesthesia Care, Acute Post –Operative Pain Management, Well-equipped Surgical Intensive Care, Labour Epidural Analgesia, Sedation and Anesthesia care outside operating theater as well, such as in the Cath Lab , Radiology etc.

The department has an Anesthesia Clinic to disucss the required services with patients undergoing Anesthesia, for full satisfaction of the patients.

NWGH Anesthesia Department is a teaching department acknowledges by College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) for Post-Graduate Training and Fellowship in Anesthesia since 2012, and the Department offers structured training of FCPS and MCPS in Anesthesia. So far more than 30 trainees have completed their training at Northwest General Hospital’s Anesthesia Department.

Northwest General Hospitals Dermatological services offers complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for the treatment of skin diseases. The diseases treated vary from skin, immunological disorders, and severe reactions to medicines such as toxic epidermal necrolysis. The dermatology unit has individual rooms and therapeutic modalities such as ultraviolet light therapy, photopheresis, and hydrotherapy. Common conditions, including acne, warts and contact dermatitis, are treated with standard or advanced therapies as needed. Patients with skin diseases and persons requiring special skin care are managed as out-patients in Northwest General Hospital. In door patients can be admitted in rooms and medical ward.

Panel of Doctors - Dermatology