Breast cancer awareness session at NWGH Auditorium

In line with disseminating the message of early detection for better and effective treatment of Breast Cancer, a session on the topic was arranged at NWGH Auditorium on the 27th of October 2021. The session focused on multi-disciplinary input from doctors of different specialities, with doctors discussing diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer, as well as its effect on patient and their families mental health.
To commence the session, Dr. Mahmunir Khan (Chairperson Surgery, Khyber Medical College) talked the audience through the surgical aspects of breast cancer. Moving forward, Dr. Shandana (Head of Radiology Department) gave an overview of diagnosis through mammography and other Radiological interventions at NWGH. Dr. Atif Munawar explained the efficacy of radiation and chemotherapy to treat Breast Cancer, and Dr. Noman Wazir shed light on the psychological impact of breast cancer on patients and their families.
Towards the end of the session, Dr. Zia Ur Rehman (CEO, NWGH) appreciated the tireless efforts of all the staff members throughout the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and distributed shields and certificates of appreciation.