Department Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (NMMI) department provides thyroid cancer clinics, radioactive therapies, gamma camera scans and urea breath tests throughout the working days. The Department is equipped with State-of-the-Art SPECT-CT GE gamma camera, urea breath testing counters, dedicated rooms for radioactive iodine therapies for thyroid cancer patients and all necessary equipment for radiation protection, quality assurance and quality control. The Department is ISO certified and fully compliant with IAEA and PNRA regulations.

Following are the common services provided by the department.


  1. Thyroid Cancer Clinic


  1.   Iodine-131 for cancer of thyroid.
  2.   Iodine-131 for thyrotoxicosis (Graves’ disease, toxic nodule, toxic MNG etc).
  3.   Strontium-89 for painful bone metastases.

Urea Breath Test:

  1. Non-imaging test – Urea breath test.

Gamma Camera Scans:

  1.     Thyroid Scan
  2.     Bone Scan
  3.     Viability Cardiac Scan
  4.     Stress Cardiac Scan
  5.     DTPA, MAG3 and DMSA Scans
  6.     HIDA Scan
  7.     VQ Scan
  8.     Parathyroid Scan
  9.     MIBG Scan
  10.   Gastrointestinal Bleeding Scan
  11.   Meckel’s Scan
  12.   Liver Spleen Scan
  13.   Lymphatic Scan of Limbs
  14.   Octerotide Scan
  15.   Liver Hemangioma Scan
  16.   Gastric Emptying Scan
  17.   MUGA Scan
  18.   Vesicoureteric Reflux Scan
  19.   Renal Artery Stenosis Scan

Panel of Doctors – Nuclear Medicine