Department Gastroenterology

In gastroenterology outpatients, we see all kind of patients with dyspepsia, abdominal pains, Hepatitis and bowel problems. We have a ward, where we admit patients with GI bleeding like vomiting blood, End stage liver disease, Hepatitis, Abdominal pains. We also have ICU, where we admit serious and critically ill patients. If patients require surgery (operation), we have a specialized surgical team.

We have a wide range of endoscopic service including diagnostic upper and lower GI endoscopies, variceal band ligation, PEG tube placement  oesophageal stents, polypectomy and ERCP.

  1. Upper GI Endoscopy (Gastroscopy )
  2. Lower GI Endoscopy (Colonoscopy)
  3. Polypectomy
  4. Variceal band ligation
  5. Stent placements
  6. PEG Tube
  7. ERCP- For stone, stents, leaks  

Panel of Doctors – Gastroenterology