Department ENT

Northwest General Hospital’s ENT department is one of the very few in the region capable of providing quality care based on international standards for a wide variety of complex ENT conditions. The Department is made up of four very experienced consultants who are supported by a team of colleagues capable of efficient management of most ENT emergencies.

Apart from offering all common ENT treatments, the Department also has State-of-the-Art equipment and perform highly specialised operative procedures such as Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Endoscopic Ear Surgery, Endoscopic CSF leak repair, Rhinoplasty, Thyroid Surgery and Parotid Surgery amongst others.

The Department also provide specialised Paediatric ENT care.

Along with the Hospital’s well-established oncological team, the ENT Department offers complete treatment of Head and Neck Cancers, which also includes Thyroid Cancers.

Panel of Doctors – ENT